How to Be Like Jesus, Lessons on Following in His Footsteps

by Glen H. Jones

Prolific writer and sports figure Pat Williams, along with Jim Denney, has given us a practical manual that relates how to live the Christian life in a post-modern world. Taking a series of incidents from the life of Jesus, the writer shows how Jesus met people and situations as if in the normal course of the day. Williams then gently points us in the direction of applying these same truths to our lives today. The author's compassion for others permeates the book. He says, "I want you to know from the outset that Jesus is the most important thing in my life. He is the source of everything that I know that is good, decent and pure." In a real sense, the author states, no one can truly be like Jesus. He was unique in the literal sense of the word. Yet, every Christian believer should be like Jesus. We should study His life and learn how He was all that His Father wanted Him to be. Williams then presents seventeen "how to's" that will make us like Jesus. If we are to call ourselves Christians we must be like Jesus in integrity, obedience, endurance, service, and forgiveness. We must emulate Him in righteous anger, prayer, humility, and courage. We must grieve like Jesus; yes, and if necessary, die like Jesus. In his epilogue, Williams points out that imitating Jesus will not make us like Him. We must come to Him for pardon and forgiveness. This the Bible calls the new birth.
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