Visualize Success?

by Calvin and Lisa Wulf

 I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps” (Jer. 10:23 niv).

Visualize your picture of success,” exhorts the motivational speaker. “What do you want? A better job? A closer relationship? Just use the power of your imagination to make your dream a reality,” he admonishes the crowd. “Unlock your potential and break the grip of your belief systems. Control your destiny. Make it happen!”

The siren song of success blares through our culture. However we define it, it’s always within our grasp. “Visualize your dream and it will become a reality.” We just need to meditate on it long enough. Then our dream miraculously materializes every time, just like a law of nature.

What an attractive proposition. Who doesn’t want success and fulfilling relationships? But there’s a fatal flaw. The intoxicating promise of success doesn’t deliver the guaranteed results. When our dreams collapse like a house of cards, we feel betrayed. What happened? We visualized as hard as we could. If we’re so powerful, why didn’t it work?

Here’s a clue: We’re not that powerful. In this scheme we’re taking God’s place. We’re assuming that He will bend to our every desire if we just visualize it hard enough.

What we really need is God’s vision, not our own.

Creativity is a desirable trait. Brainstorming ideas and then asking God’s direction isn’t a problem. Just remember that He always answers according to His will. When the reply doesn’t fit our agenda, perhaps the dream needs tweaking, not God.

Is it time to adjust your vision? Try on these new glasses:

• Separate truth from deception. Can the cultural gurus really deliver the goods?

• Get real. No amount of visualizing will change God’s desires for you.

• Test your vision. God’s eye chart is best.

God has known how every story will end since He set time in motion. If you want true direction for your life, look to His wisdom. Don’t build a house of cards on the sand of your own vision.

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Copyright 2003, Calvin R. Wulf
and Lisa Are Wulf

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