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A Family of Missionaries

I read and enjoyed the very good article “Faith, Tenacity Produce  Results” in the July addition of Pulpit Helps. In the article it  mentioned that Mrs. Reba Millhollon was honored by the “700 Club” as  the “longest-serving active missionary ever.” Praise God for such  faith and tenacity.

However, and I suppose there are others, but working with a missions  group “Baptist Faith Missions” I am privileged to know Missionary  John Hatcher in Urai, Brazil.  Brother Hatcher first went to Brazil in  the summer of 1956. He has labored there continuously until this  present hour. He has founded more than twenty-five Baptist churches  in that land in these years.

If I count correctly, he has served as  a missionary with Baptist Faith Missions for forty-seven years. It  is hard any more to get Brother Hatcher and his dear wife, Alta, to come  to the States for a furlough. His son Paul, with his wife Wanda,  serves as pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Manaus. His  son David, with his wife Penny, is co-pastor of the Chapada Baptist Church in Manaus. His son John, and his wife Judy, have labored for  four years now in Tournefeuille, France as missionaries.

His daughter Kathy, and her husband Odali Barros,  serve in the Alpha & Omega Home for street children in the city of  Garca, Brazil.  Odali serves as the pastor of the Central Baptist  Church of the same city.  His daughter Lynn, with her husband Ross McGary, live and work in Nashville, Tenn., and are active in the Lord’s churches there.  Information concerning this family so given to missions can be  obtained from our Web site (

Glenn Archer, director of Baptist Faith Missions

Crucifixion Dating Called Hoax

It was with great interest and not a little amusement that I read the story of the two Romanian astronomers who claim to have pinpointed the exact date of our Lord's crucifixion (“News” in July issue). Either these two “astronomers” are the world's worst, or this story is a complete hoax. In the story, they supposedly nailed down the date of the crucifixion by matching the first Friday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox (the first day of Spring), with a year in which a solar eclipse occurred.

However, as any seventh-grade science student can tell you, it is impossible to have both a full moon and a solar eclipse occur at the same time, as the moon has to be on opposite sides of the earth for one or the other to happen (a solar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun; a full moon occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moon—the moon cannot be both places at the same time). It is evident that someone is in error here. Personally, I feel that this is nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by some well-meaning but scientifically challenged person.

Bill Frye, pastor, 
North Nassau Community Church

More on Dating the Crucifixion

Just saw in the July issue where astronomers pinpointed the crucifixion date during 33 AD because of a solar eclipse. Their problem is that the time of the Passover always comes at full moon, which could produce a lunar eclipse (if the alignment is just right in space). They also had the eclipse lasting 3 hours. Last one I saw lasted about 11 minutes. Also a date for the Cross at 33 would make Jesus too old, since He was born under Herod, who died about March of 4 BC. So the 30 AD date is better.

Jerry Laursen
Chicago, IL

And Still More…

I received a sample copy of the Pulpit Helps today and read through the paper and found an article that you put in that said that two Romanian astronomers have claimed to pinpoint the exact time and date of the Crucifixion of Christ. They claim he died on Friday April 3, 33 AD. But the Bible declares that he was in the tomb for three days and three nights and that he arose early in the morning on the third day. If their finding is true, and I doubt that it is, Jesus could not have been in the tomb for the amount of time the Bible declares He was. They even say in the article that the resurrection  occurred precisely at 4 a.m. the following Sunday April 5, 33 AD. That is only two days between the death and resurrection, making this finding a hoax. I certainly hope that you do not believe what these two astronomers have said and that you would put something in your next edition to refute this article.

Ricky A. Clark, pastor
Maranatha Baptist Church

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