Faith, Form, and Time

How would you like to hand a book to a home-school student or parent, or intelligent layman in your congregation, a book that would faithfully and forcefully put forth the biblical view of young-earth creation? The recently published Faith, Form, and Time by Kurt Wise is the book of choice.

Dr. Wise currently teaches at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. After graduating from the University of Chicago's Geophysical Sciences Department, he received Master's and Ph.D. degrees in paleontology from Harvard University under Stephen Jay Gould.

The clear and convincing explanations of how and why a universal flood could and did occur make the book a gold mine. He vividly presents features about the earth that have no comparably reasonable explanation, such as the phenomena known as the ice ages. His background in geology contributes to the discussion of how the continents and principal geologic formations are related to the global flood and its aftermath.

This book is wide in scope: Dr. Wise covers the need to take the Bible very seriously in matters relating to origins. He discusses fully and convincingly the problem of the long time spans in the naturalistic view of origins. He then explains why the acceptance of the earth as young is very reasonable.

Dr. Wise thoughtfully presents many other topics with lucid discussions on topics such as the creation week, and the validity of the biological and geological events after the Fall, and also pre-Flood and post-Flood biology and geology.

This book is a highly significant scientific contribution to the literature in this field. It could be used to accompany a secular biology textbook, to present the Christian view of origins.

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