Biblical Hermeneutics, a Comprehensive Introduction to Interpreting Scripture, Second Edition

The editors of this text have given us a comprehensive collection on hermeneutics (the study of methodical principles of interpretation of Scripture). Studying hermeneutics enables the teacher to more rightly divide the word of truth. It provides the preacher a systematic framework for a thorough understanding of the Bible.

Twenty-eight articles are included, in five divisions: How to study the Bible; Biblical Hermeneutics in History; Authority and Inspiration of Scripture; Genres of Scripture; and From Exegesis to Proclamation.

In the first section, William B. Tolar has written an excellent article on the grammatical-historical method of interpreting Scripture. Also, Thomas D. Lea's article on inductive Bible study should prove valuable to many.

Seven writers have contributed articles on biblical hermeneutics in history. Articles cover ancient Jewish hermeneutics; the New Testament's use of the Old Testament; hermeneutics of the early church fathers; medieval and reformation hermeneutics; post-reformation hermeneutics; modern Old Testament interpretation; modern New Testament interpretation; and philosophical, literary, and sociological hermeneutics.

The third section offers excellent articles on the inspiration and authority of Scripture and language as a vehicle for divine truth. James A. Brooks presents an article on textual criticism.

Part four covers the genres of Scripture and how these genres present the Word of God. The last section is entitled "From Exegesis to Proclamation" and gives suggestions to make Scriptural presentation more understandable to the hearer.

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