The Creation of Wealth

What does Christ have to say about our workaday world? Webelievers know that Bible study, giving, church attendance, and witnessing areimportant. But what about work, government, the stock markets, wealth, and ahundred other things that are not usually considered "religious"?Does not the gospel have an application to these also?

Fred Catherwood offers convincing proof that all of life hasa spiritual dimension. "If a man will not work, he shall not eat."Scripture sanctions the dignity of work and American wealth has grown out ofthe Christian sanction of work. Hard work produced wealth. Even middle classAmericans were considered wealthy by European standards. If hard work producedwealth, then citizens should choose their political leaders who in turn wouldcreate an atmosphere for workers to continue to make money.

Those who accumulated great wealth often took advantage ofpowerless workers. This condition eventually led to the rise of labor unionsand the passage of laws to assure the health and protection of the workingclass. Christians are enjoined by the Scriptures to use their money to supporttheir families, to provide for those in need, and to give to support the workof Christ.

Government exists to protect its peoples. It imposes civillaw; it cannot impose moral law. That is the role of religion. The UnitedStates was founded on Christian principles; its Christian citizens must hold tothe highest moral standards. Government indirectly assumes a moral characterwhen its leaders and other citizens uphold high moral standards.

Christian citizens must wrestle with the problem of worldpoverty. What responsibility does the world's richest county have towardother countries whose citizens live in grinding poverty? Do free tradeagreements help to alleviate world poverty? Should the United States practicefree trade with a country such as China that is controlled by godless leaders?

Sir Fred Catherwood, though he has an extensive backgroundin business, government, and evangelical organizations, does not pretend tohave all the answers to perplexing financial questions. He does, however, offera framework through which Christians can consider their role in accumulatingand distributing wealth.

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