Praise and Prayer

Praise—Presidential Prayer Team Reaches Goal of 2.8 Million: The Presidential Prayer Team announced on the 1st of May—the National Day of Prayer 2003—that they have reached their goal of enlisting 2.8 million Americans to pray daily for the president of the United States and his cabinet. Answering the president’s call for our nation to pray after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the team reached its 2.8 million participant goal in just 600 days, growing by over a million participants in just the last three months of the campaign. The team’s Website ( has been visited over 100 million times in 20 months. Membership and participation is free.

President Bush has declared that prayer is a part of his daily life, and he has expressed his gratitude that “there are thousands of people who pray for me that I’ll never see and be able to thank.”

News release from the Envoy Group

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Pray—Famine in Southern Sudan Approaches Alarming Levels: In southern Sudan the food situation continues to deteriorate to alarming levels. Evangelical Free Church of America’s Jim Snyder says the drought aggravates the need, which is reaching a critical point, prompting a call for help from a sister church in Sudan. “The church’s president contacted us and requested assistance because of drought in that area right now,” he says. “We are purchasing grain in northern Uganda and trucking it to southern Sudan.” Fundraising is under way for the effort that ultimately gives the local Sudanese church body an opportunity to evangelize. “As we have gotten involved there, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the awareness of the local church by people who normally do not attend church, and it’s been a real bonus to the activity of the local church,” Snyder says. He urges believers to pray for staff members who remain in danger of attack by the Khartoum government.

Mission Network News

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Pray—Ministry Targets Newly-Discovered Amazonian Tribe: A ministry in Peru is seeking to bring the gospel to a newly-discovered tribe. Several months ago the Yanachaquino Tribe was spotted by the Yanesha Tribe in the jungles of Peru. Segadores, a ministry directed by Peruvian Peter Hocking, has discipled workers among the Yanesha Tribe and seeks to work with them to reach the Yanachaquino. The first step is to learn more about the nomadic, “Stone Age” tribe. “Pray that the Lord would enable us to contact and learn about the Yanachaquino and that He would provide the necessary resources and equipment to carry out this investigative project,” Hocking said. The investigative team planned to leave for the jungle in June. Segadores trains workers, plants churches, and conducts literacy training among mountain and jungle tribes.

Missions Insider via HCJB World Radio

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Pray—Believers in Eritrea Face Arrest and Conscription: For the past several weeks, the Voice of the Martyrs has been following the increasing persecution of Protestant Christians in Eritrea. In the latest incidents, Compass Direct reported that over the Orthodox Easter weekend, two members of the government-recognized Evangelical Lutheran Church were arrested and detained for three days.

Three days later, on April 29, military police raided homes and workplaces in the northern Sahel Province, arresting 56 members of independent Pentecostal churches. Military authorities justified the raid as “conscription for military service.” According to other church members, however, most of the 16 women and 40 men had already served their mandatory military service. They were all members of the Full Gospel Church or the Kale Hiwot Church. None of the 56 have been heard from since their arrests. The families are concerned for their safety, particularly since another 74 Protestant Eritrean soldiers have been held in the Assab military prison for more than a year. They have been subjected to beatings, threats, and abuse for refusing to deny their Pentecostal beliefs.


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