Prayer Partners

by Glen H. Jones

Not another book on prayer! Yes, this is another book on prayer, but it is different. Not only does the author talk about the principles of effective prayer, but he also demonstrates how to get started, how to continue and how to get results.

Two-pray—Towns’ term for partnering in prayer—means that two believers covenant to pray for the same thing, and they agree what they want God to do as the result of their prayers. Agreeing is the key word in two-pray. The prayer partners may disagree on minor doctrinal interpretations, but they must hold to the vital issues of the faith.

The two-pray concept blossoms into several other areas—warfare-pray means to pray when one or the other is under Satan’s attack. Worship-pray involves two partners agreeing on some area in the worship of God. Another area is Spirit-pray, who assists us in our prayers. For one to effectively communicate with the Spirit, he must want the Spirit’s help, he must repent and forsake sin, he must sincerely ask the Spirit to fill him, and he must believe the Holy Spirit will come in and fill him.

The writer discusses the importance of praying for one’s pastor. However, the pastor must seek someone that will earnestly pray for him and his ministry. The pastor in turn will pray for his prayer partner.

The principles in this book have the potential to revolutionize one’s prayer life.

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