Notes for the Study & Exposition of 1st John

by Glen H. Jones

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Kress’s book has been prepared for ministers, Bible teachers and others who love the study of God’s Word. It is not a commentary (except in a very limited way). Neither is it a book of sermons or sermon outlines. It is somewhere in between. Notes serves as a catalyst for further study of this rich book of 1 John.

The table of contents serves as an excellent overview of this study. Several pages of study guides are contained at the end of the book. In between  are insightful comments on the meaning and purpose of the book.

The true believer through the Son has received eternal life. He walks in the light, responding to the Spirit’s conviction of sin and confesses those hindrances that break fellowship with the Son.

One who partakes of eternal life loves spiritual things, but he hates the world system that is enmity toward God. He practices righteousness and loves others who also practice holy living. Those attuned to spiritual things are able to discern truth from error. Thus armed, the true believer will not fall into the snare of doctrinal error, which breaks fellowship with the Son.

True believers will know without doubt that they have eternal life (1 John 5:13). This assurance does not come from any innate goodness but through the merits of the Son of God, who lives within the believer. The believer who has this assurance can boldly come to God with his prayer request, knowing that He hears and answers those which are prayed in harmony with His will.

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