Thanks Moody, for 103 years!!

by Bob Dasal

Moody Magazine came into my life when I was 13 years old. A copy in a barbershop caught my eye and out of curiosity I picked it up to leaf through while waiting for a haircut. The year was 1959 and for 40+ years I have been reading Moody. Its strong and consistent emphasis on biblical living made a lasting impact on my life. It was a shock when Moody Institute announced the magazine would cease publication with its July/August 2003 issue. Throughout my adult life Moody Magazine has been there with powerful and insightful articles about genuine Christianity. This publication will be missed and we thank Moody ministries for making the magazine possible for generation after generation for 103 years.

In making the announcement, Moody said: “A crowded magazine field, the resultant decline in subscriptions, and the ongoing need for significant subsidization were key factors in (making) this difficult decision.”

Being a Christian periodical ourselves, we understand well the challenges facing today’s Christian magazine publishers. Publishing a periodical is a cooperative effort of writers, editors, and advertisers. Being the editor-in-chief has put me in a unique position to observe the Christian periodicals ministry, including its business side. Keeping focused on our mission while meeting the multiple challenges of editorial content and remaining fiscally sound is difficult, to say the least. We understand well the difficult decision made at Moody.

When Dr. Spiros Zodhiates founded Pulpit Helps in 1975 the focus was on providing solid biblical material for the busy pastor. That focus has not changed in 28 years. Being faithful to our God-given call and working to meet the needs and interests of our readers are the most important factors in what we do and why we do it.

Time and technology may have changed the way we receive information, but the Truth has not changed. When Jesus said, “I am the Truth” He was making a statement for time and eternity. Moody Magazine was faithful in proclaiming the Truth (Jesus) and we pause to give thanks for its 103 years of service. It also causes us to reaffirm our call and mission to provide sound biblical resources “for preaching, teaching and living God’s Truth” through Pulpit Helps Magazine and Pulpit Helps Online.


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