June Praise and Prayer

Praise—Parents Comforted that KIA Soldier Had Accepted Christ: The parents of a dead American soldier are taking comfort knowing their son accepted Christ and was baptized days before he was killed. Army Spc. James Kiehl, 22, was one of the soldiers found dead during the rescue of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch. He had been listed as missing in action since their convoy, part of the 507th Maintenance Company based in Fort Bliss, Texas, was ambushed.

For days his parents in the small town of Comfort, Texas, had hoped their son would come home alive. Upon word of his death, they were reassured knowing he had been saved before going off to battle. Kiehl’s baptism was videotaped by a television crew and broadcast on a Texas TV station. “It has been a tremendous help to them—that James had made a decision for Christ and followed Him with baptism,” said Jim Holt, pastor of Comfort Baptist Church, where the Kiehls attend. “I cannot overstate how important it has been to this family to have that video of their son being baptized, and how that can replace in their minds the image of their son’s body,” Holt said.

Baptist Press

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Praise—Millions of Children Coming to Christ in India: Violence against Christians in India isn’t stopping Bible clubs from reaching millions of children with the gospel, says John DeVries, founder and president of Mission India. “These kids have never heard about Christ. They’ve heard about Coca-Cola but never about Christ, and are just so open.” DeVries says that more than 1 million churches have used the ministry’s Bible club materials. “Last summer almost 3 million children attended one of our Bible clubs with half of these becoming converts.” The Bible clubs blanket India in 22 languages.

Mission Network News via HCJB World Radio

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Pray—Thousands Protest Declining Morals in Caribbean Nation: Thousands of evangelical Christians converged on Victoria’s Park in Kingstown on March 30 to fast and intercede for the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The event was organized by the Evangelical Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to address the “degenerating moral, economic, and spiritual climate” in this tiny Caribbean nation of 113,000 people. Pointing to an escalation in violent crime, the spiraling rate of sexually transmitted diseases, scant regard for law and order, and the lack of respect for human dignity,  Verrol Blake commended the efforts that have been made in addressing the issue, but said: “It takes an army far greater and mightier (than secular efforts) and armed not with carnal weapons but with divine anointing through the mighty power of prayer, and that army is the church or the people of God.”

Worldwide Photos via HCJB World Radio

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Pray—Dalit Man Sacrificed to Godess: Alam, 55, one of India’s Dalits (formerly known as Untouchables), just wanted his goddess to bless him, but instead he was murdered as a sacrifice to her. On the night of March 22, as Alam bowed before this goddess, the priest took an axe and beheaded him, according to several Indian news sites, including HindustanTimes.com. When arrested and questioned by local police, the priest claimed that his goddess had come to him in a dream, asking him to sacrifice the Dalit. His hope was that appeasing his goddess in this way would lead to the riches he was seeking.

This tragic event offers a glimpse into the lives of the many in Asia who desperately seek fulfillment but have never heard of Jesus Christ and what He did for them. May the gospel reach and penetrate the hearts of these millions so they can find true meaning in Christ!

Gospel for Asia, www.gfa.org/site/latest_news

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Pray—Pakistani Christian Falsely Accused, Tortured, Murdered: International Christian Concern, has just become aware of the murder of a Christian man (Rehmat Masih) by police authorities in Lahore, Pakistan. He was falsely accused with another Christian man of the theft of 300 law books from his employer. Although there were 10 Muslim employees with access to the books, only the 2 Christians were arrested. His wife, Martha Masih, said her husband could not read, and a bicycle was his means of transportation. “Why would he steal 300 books and how could he transport them on a bicycle?” Rehmat’s health deteriorated after being tortured throughout 17 days of illegal detention. He died April 1. When fellow Christians protested and demanded justice, one of Rehmat’s nephews was fatally struck in the head by a police officer. The family is reportedly now receiving death threats from the authorities.

International Christian Concern

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