Safe & Sound

by Glen H. Jones

Some church workers, sad to say, do succumb to sexual impurity. Steve Hayes presents a forceful, yet gentle, warning against letting the weakness of the flesh triumph over the spiritual nature. A worker for Christ cannot hope to maintain his testimony and spiritual strength if he (or she) allows sexual sin to creep into his life. After he outlines the subtleties of the Tempter, the author gives six steps leading to this downfall. Phase 1 (the human condition) shows that ministers also have a sinful nature that is subject to temptation. Phase 2 (enticement) shows the almost imperceptible beginning of temptation. Then comes Phase 3 (conception) when the act of infidelity occurs. When the individual chooses to continue the "affair," he has entered Phase 4. In Phase 5 the couple become increasingly careless about their sinful behavior. Phase 6 involves exposure of the sinful sexual behavior. Of course the individual can choose to abandon the path on which he finds himself. The problem with sexual sin (and probably any sin) is that each step produces a stronger hold on the sinning person. Hayes offers some suggestions for dealing with temptation. And for the wounded spouse, he gives some advice for working through the trauma.
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