What Becomes of Sponsored Children?

by Larry Malone

Did you ever wonder what becomes of sponsored children after they grow up and are no longer under the care of AMG? Do the years spent at the child-care center have a positive effect on their adult lives?

In Guatemala, where AMG has had a ministry for more than twenty-five years, it is possible to measure progress of these individuals. Recently, Bob and Wanda McRae, who direct the ministry in Guatemala, contacted a number of their “graduates” to find out what fruit their years under AMG’s care had yielded. The results brought tears of joy to the eyes of the staff members as they read the reports.

In addition to those who went on to become pastors and teachers, there were many who entered the business world. Here are excerpts from some of the replies:


From Juan Pablo Flores Gonzales comes this note: “When I was twelve years old something very important happened to me. I went to Camp Canaan, along with others from my class, and while there I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now I am twenty-six years old, and I serve the Lord in preaching His Word where I work. I am a merchant, and I sell cloth in a public market named La Terminal. It is a big market and a good place to share the gospel.”


Edgar Adrian Boch, who graduated in 1992 as an accountant, wrote, “I am now working in lithography. I attended the center since I was six years old. Those were the happiest years of my life. The most important thing is that they taught me the Word of the Lord, and I have been blessed in my life for that. I have recorded five disks for the glory of God.”

Student Architect:

Jorge Mario Shone Peinado graduated in 2000 with a B.A. in Drawing. Now he is studying at the university to become an architect. He says, “I want to thank the project and my sponsor for helping me for twelve years. I learned God’s Word, respect, moral principles, and to be grateful.”


“My name is Aura Rebecca Menendez Soto. I was enrolled at the center when I was three or four years old, because my parents were very poor. My mother had to work in the fields and could not take care of me. I thank God and AMG for the good training I received at the center. Now I have graduated, and I work at AMG as an accountant.”


Vilma Liliana Morales, now married and with three children, says, “I learned moral and Christian principles that I will never forget. I won’t forget the camps and the tours.”

Bilingual Secretary:

“I thank God, AMG, and my sponsor that I could go on in my life,” writes Sandy Adalia Godlinez Hic. “They have been a big support in my spiritual, moral, and material life, and this is helping me daily.”

Computer Manager:

Huberto Carlos Arqantes Melgar graduated in 1998 and now manages the computer department, working at a pharmaceutical laboratory. He is also studying business administration at the university. He says, “I gratefully remember the years I spent at the center, because you were a great help for me.”


Ricardo Lemus Castellanos graduated in 1995 as an accountant. Then he learned to make bread, and now he has his own bakery. Married and the father of a little daughter, he thanks God for AMG’s support during his elementary and high school years.

These young adults came from families steeped in poverty. Without help they would undoubtedly have remained shackled in both spiritual and economic darkness.  Thank God for faithful sponsors whose sacrifices have made such dramatic changes in their lives.

Larry H. Malone is manager of international ministries for AMG

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