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Baker Book House

It’s All in How You Tell It, (Preaching First-Person Expository Messages), Haddon W. Robinson and Torrey W. Robinson, 2003, 143 pages, $12.99, softcover. Discover how first-person narrative preaching can add variety to your pulpit practice.

Broadman & Holman

Holman Old Testament Commentary, Volume 1, Genesis, Kenneth O. Gangel and Stephen J. Bramer, 2003, 400 pages, $19.99, hardcover. Volume One in this series of commentaries.

Recreation and Sports Ministry: Impacting Postmodern Culture, John Garner, general editor, 2003, 256 pages, $24.99, hardcover. Details how to use sports effectively to reach people with the gospel of Christ.

Crossway Books

Counted Righteous in Christ (Should We Abandon the Imputation of Christ’s Righteousness?), John Piper, 2003, 132 pages, $12.99, softcover. Piper offers a compelling examination of the doctrine of Christ’s righteousness and its role in the justification of sinners.

Pastoral Leadership for Manhood and Womanhood, Wayne Grudem and Dennis Rainey, editors. 2003, 300 pages, $15.99, softcover. Third volume in the Foundations for the Family Series.

The Word of God in English (Criteria for Excellence in Bible Translation), Leland Ryken, 2003, 336 pages, $15.99, softcover. Provides excellent resources for seminary students, educators, pastors interested in the study of Bible in English.

Jesus Driven Ministry, Ajith Fernando, 2003, 256 pages, $19.99, hardcover. By offering scriptural counsel and stories based on experience, Fernando offers biblical guidelines to help ministers live and serve effectively.

Beyond the Bounds, (Open Theism and the Undermining of Biblical Christianity), John Piper, Justin Taylor, and Paul Kjoss Helseth, editors, 2003, 416 pages, $17.99, softcover. Brings together a respected team of scholars to examine the latest literature on open theism and gives guidance to the church on how to respond.

Howard Publishing

Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child (Strong Children Need Confident Parents), David and Claudia Arp, 2003, 191 pages, $14.99, softcover. A book for the parents of the not-so-compliant child and what they can do to develop win-win strategies for nurturing the child.

The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer, Compiled by Leonard Allen, 2003, 290 pages, $17.99, hardcover. This book is an inspirational collection of writings from some of the greatest thinkers of today and yesterday on the vast subject of prayer.

Kregel Publications

Courage in Dark Places (Hard Places Series), Jan Greenough, 2002, 94 pages, $4.99, softcover. Three extraordinary true stories of courage in adversity. 

Faith in Tough Places (Hard Places Series), Jan Greenough, 2002, 94 pages, $4.99, softcover.  Three remarkable true stories of faith on the front lines.

Prayer in Hard Places (Hard Places Series), Jan Greenough, 2002, 93 pages, $4.99, softcover.  Three powerful true stories of believing prayer.

New Doors in Ministry to Women (a Fresh Model for Transforming Your Church, Campus, or Mission Field), Sue Edwards & Kelley Mathews, 2002, 318 pages, $14.99, softcover. Provides direction for building a women’s ministry team.

Three Views on the Origins of the Synoptic Gospels, Robert L. Thomas, ed., 2002, 400 pages, $22.99, softcover. Four evangelical scholars join together in a presentation/response format to examine the three dominant views on Gospel origins.

Mastering New Testament Greek Vocabulary Through Semantic Domains, Mark Wilson with Jason Oden, 2003, 188 pages, $13.99, softcover. This helpful guide provides the most popular language model available to learn New Testament Greek.

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