Hooked on the Net

by Glen H. Jones

Andrew Careaga gives us a sobering insight into the world of Internet addiction. The Internet can be a useful communication and research tool, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. Internet addiction has been added to the growing lists of addictions: sex, food, drugs, and gambling. As with most addictions, the addict may find it difficult to admit his addiction. The author gives a checklist to help us ascertain if we are addicted to the Internet. One who would rather spend time on his or her computer than with others may be addicted. If one has a prurient interest in Internet sex sites, he is probably an Internet addict. One who spends endless hours sending emails or instant messages may be an Internet junkie. Other forms of Internet addiction include buying and selling online and downloading files (especially music). These endless hours rob the addict of healthful pursuits such as family life and workplace responsibility. The cure for any addiction begins with the recognition that it is sin. We have but one permanent cure for sin-the grace of God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The believer appropriates the grace of God by confession of sin, prayer, Bible study and association with believers in church.
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