The Purpose Driven Life (What on Earth Am I Here For?)

by Bob Dasal

Every Christian should desire to live a life that matters. How sad and what a waste for  believers to miss out on God’s purpose for their lives. Many Christians never experience His plan and purpose. Psalm 139 clearly teaches that we are not accidents and that a divine plan was in place before we began to breathe. Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a pilgrimage to live out the life God planned for us. The result will be lives that matter.

In The Purpose-Driven Life, Rick Warren challenges believers to commit to live a purpose-driven life every day. It’s a book designed to be read over a 40-day period during which the reader can progressively study and meditate on the why and how of living the Christian life as God intended.

Those entering this 40-day journey begin by making a commitment to pray and study. The goal is to discover God’s purpose for their lives. The study is divided into six parts. Part one asks the question, “What on earth am I here for?” Parts two through six answer the question with the five purposes a Christian has in life.

Since its release, a significant number of churches have used the book successfully to challenge their members to discover, or rediscover, God’s purpose in their lives.

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