Immigrants: to One a Burden, to Another a Blessing

by Larry Malone

Some people may view immigrants to their country a burden, but Nicki and Roberto Bautista, AMG missionaries in Spain, see them as a unique opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ.
The Bautistas report that Spain is receiving people from all over the world. "Lately," they said, "many have come from Colombia and from Argentina." They go to Spain expecting good jobs and a good life, but become sorely distressed and discouraged when they find they can't afford the apartments offered and jobs are extremely difficult to obtain.
They are sometimes forced to crowd up to twenty people in one small apartment, and they face considerable discrimination and racism.
Roberto and his church are reaching out to these depressed immigrants, finding in their presence the joy of helping meet some of their needs in a tangible way, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.
"The work is great, but we have very few workers. Even our facilities to help all these people are small," say the Bautistas. "Our church building is now too small to hold the many people who are coming, but we pray that the Lord may give us wisdom to know what to do."
"One note of praise is that we sent our first missionary from our church. One young lady, Angelica Beltran, sailed to Bolivia to help in the development of university Bible study groups in the city of Cochabamba. Please pray for her, as this is her first missionary experience.
"As far as other ministries are concerned, we have started many new Bible studies all over Madrid. Some are in English and others in Spanish. It is a joy to see people hungry for the Word. Please pray for us as we try to cover the opportunities for Bible studies."
What a wonderful problem of a crowded, growing church! Please pray for larger quarters for the church, for the Bautistas, and also for a godly man who can pastor the church full-time.
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