Program Is a Pair of Pliers for Writers

by Terry Wilhite

Whether you’re a word-smith or music-man, let me tell you about a software tool that I’m convinced will benefit you. The program, called MasterWriter, is touted as “the ultimate collection of writing tools for the professional songwriter.” But I believe you’ll quickly agree with me that it can be the “pair of pliers” in your communications toolbox.

First off, let me get your attention by saying that it has the only alliterations dictionary in existence. So when the first two alliterated points of your message have easily come to mind but you’re wracking your brain to try to come up with a third, never fear: MasterWriter is here. Click on “alliterations” on the toolbar at the top of the software’s interface, press return on your computer keyboard and “presto,” all the alliterative choices are at your disposal. This software is astonishingly powerful, brilliantly designed, and remarkably easy to use.

The Interface

Along the top tool bar of this software, you’ll find buttons to click representing: songs, rhymes, rhyme-phrases, phrases, alliterations, pop-culture, dictionary, thesaurus, and notebook. A search field is available that allows you to type in the word that you’d like to explore.  For example, click on “rhyme” and then type in “old man.” You’ll get all words that rhyme with “old man,” such as “Tarzan,” “afghan,” “Batman,” and “bedpan.” More than 100,000 entries are included in the rhyming dictionary. If you want to hone your search, simply change the syllables you desire from “all” to the number of syllables you need, and your rhyme choices are honed down to the beat. Once you type your search word into the interface, you then only have to click on the main categories (rhyme-phrases, phrases, alliterations, etc.) to have the software help you in the category you selected.

Are You Relevant?

By learning the language of the culture (slang, for instance), often doors can be opened that can be opened no other way. MasterWriter has a pop-culture dictionary that contains over 33,000 phrases, idioms, clichés, sayings, and word combinations. Once you click on “pop culture” in the toolbar, you’ll see four major categories: the world, famous names, famous products, and food, drink, and travel. Each of those categories has subcategories. For example, when you click on “food, drink and travel” and choose “food” you get lists of taste bud tantalizers: from A-1 Sauce on through the alphabet of food choices.

For the songwriter, MasterWriter is just what the doctor ordered to trigger creative imagination. For the sermon writer, it can provide the same creative jolt. You never know when you’ll need a handy dandy list of newsmakers, sports teams, or just the right alliterative word. The program provides you with more than 11,000 icons of American and world culture.

MasterWriter also provides more than 36,000 rhymed phrases in an easy-to-use dictionary. For example, type “ocean” into the search field and you get such phrases as “a complex emotion,” “a crazy notion,” “battlefield promotion,” and “eternal devotion.” If you click over to the dictionary tab, you’ll see that the ocean is “the entire body of salt water that covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface.” (The American Heritage Dictionary and Roget’s II Thesaurus are included.) Click over to the “rhymes” tab on the toolbar and get these words, among many: “potion, notion, Laotian.”

The creators of MasterWriter have deliberately removed offensive words and phrases from the database, except for the copyrighted dictionary and thesaurus. It took the creators more than seven years to build and categorize their database one word and phrase at the time.

Musicians will  be interested to know that the software includes a simple, yet effective hard disk recorder for recording tunes that you sing or play, via a microphone or synthesizer that can be connected to your computer. MasterWriter includes a full-function word processor and it is Mac OS and Windows compatible. Street price is $249 and you can order it or get more information at 1-866-848-8484 or at   

Terry Wilhite is a technology, mult-imedia, and communications specialist.

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