The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority

by Glen H. Jones

Almost everyone knows that we have two opposing forces in the world-good and evil. However, not everyone agrees on the source of these two forces. Adrian Rogers clearly shows that Jesus Christ rules the kingdom of the righteous; the prince of darkness, Satan, rules the kingdom of evil. Believers have the spiritual power that Jesus bestowed on the church. We too often fail because we do not utilize this kingdom authority. We can live the victorious Christian life if we appropriate the power that God has freely made available for believers. When Adam sinned, sin was loosed into the world. It affects every person, even believers. But Christ has overcome the curse of sin and has promised deliverance for believers. We still possess the fallen human nature inherited from Adam, but we also possess the new nature granted to us by the power of the resurrected Lord. This power does not exempt us from troubles. In fact, as we surrender to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, our woes may increase. But a better day is coming when Christ returns to change our weak, fallen nature and to right all wrongs in the world. This gives us hope to surrender to His leadership in our homes, in our churches, and in our interaction in the marketplace.
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