February Praise & Prayer

Praise: A team of American volunteers visited Kabul, Afghanistan, in November to search out ways to help Afghans rebuild their war-ravaged country. The American team was following up agreements reached during an October “friendship summit” in Memphis, when seven Afghani officials met with community, church, and civic leaders to explore needs that citizens of Memphis might be able to meet. Suggestions included training midwives, providing basic equipment and supplies for medical clinics, developing curricula for classrooms, helping replace forests destroyed by war and drought, and training teachers and health workers.

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Praise: Approximately 1,400 professions of faith have been recorded over the past several months among the Kanaris tribespeople in Peru. Marino Huatangare, founder and director of New Life Evangelistic Ministry, says that 72 worshiping groups of believers have been planted among the Kanaris, as a result of 5 major evangelistic crusades. The ministry also distributed shoes and clothing along with 30 Bibles and 50 New Testaments among the Kanaris, who are an impoverished people.

Christian Aid Mission via

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Praise: A store once stocked with pornography merchandise is now stocked with Bibles and other Christian products because the store owner repented of his sins and asked Jesus to save him. “Morally, I couldn’t sell it any longer,” Michael Braithwaite, the store owner, said about the sexually explicit merchandise. After being saved, he said God convinced him that he needed to burn the $10,000 worth of filthiness, so a local pastor helped him haul everything out to the parking lot and set it on fire with 10 gallons of diesel fuel. According to the Associated Press, neighbors in small, conservative Putney, Kentucky, have embraced the change, helping the man restock his five-year-old store with Christian merchandise and buying groceries for him, his wife, and daughter until his new business begins to make a profit.

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Pray: In an apparent attempt to gain an official cloak for its propaganda, Planned Parenthood has, with city approval, linked its online materials with Waco-McLennan County Public Library System in Waco, Texas—and advertised it as “a branch” of the library system. The material includes not only Planned Parenthood’s expected pro-abortion data but also pro-homosexuality content. “It’s really breaking new ground,” John Pisciotta, a spokesman for Greater Waco Respect Life, said: “If they can get in our public library without any stink about it, well, who’s the next public library that they’re going to get into?”

Information from J. Grant Swank via the Chalcedon Report

Pray: Many of Kenya’s poor are embracing the prosperity gospel as a way out of poverty, according to a recent address at the Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS). They are promised prosperity provided they “plant a seed”—i.e., give whatever they have to a church, in anticipation of a ten-fold, even a hundred-fold multiplication of what they give,” said Duncom Olumbe, FOCUS missions director.

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