The Evangelism Mandate

by Glen H. Jones

"Witnessing is the whole work of the whole church in the whole world throughout the whole age" (T. R. Glover). That quotation encompasses the thesis of this book. The author presents a strategy for evangelism for this modern age. He begins by explaining what conversion is, how it is accomplished and how it affects different persons. "Christ has the power to make bad people good. The process begins with proclamation and appeal; the response is conversion by the grace of God to the glory of God…." Conversion of sinners happens when believers proclaim the Word. Conversion began with the ministry of Jesus, was continued by the apostles and furthered by lay leaders in the early church. Biblical preaching and conversion slumbered during the Dark Ages. It awakened again during the Reformation and has continued to a lesser or greater degree to modern times. Two views on the evangelistic appeal have surfaced in modern times. John MacArthur emphasizes salvation as an acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ-as Savior and Lord. One is not truly converted by a mere intellectual assent. On the other hand, Charles Ryrie of Dallas Seminary, places emphasis on the importance of salvation by grace alone, not by works. The Holy Spirit alone produces conversion. We cannot persuade or coerce anyone into the kingdom of God. The evangelism preacher or witness must be aware that God alone produces true faith in Christ. Evangelism must involve every member of the church or para-church organization. Evangelism strategy includes being not afraid to try new approaches to reach the unsaved. That means reaching out to all classes of people in a variety of non-church situations.
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