Heroic Faith (How to Live a Life of Extreme Devotion)

by Ted Kyle

What is a hero, and should we want to be one? These are questions addressed by this little book from The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM). (The book is officially unsigned, but in an Acknowledgments preface, VOM USA Director Tom White credits Greg Asimakoupoulos as the primary writer. Heroic Faith is, however, essentially a team effort.)

What is a hero? The book lists eight characteristics of spiritual heroism: Eternal perspective, dependence on God, love of God’s Word, courage, endurance, obedience, and the love of Christ. Hebrews 11 is drawn on for examples of godly character, but there are also plentiful accounts of present-day and earlier heroes of the faith who braved persecution or death to do the work to which God called them. Full credit is also given to the Source who both inspires and equips His heroes.

Heroic Faith includes a powerful contrast between Muslim suicide-“martyrs” who go willingly, even eagerly, to their death spurred on by erotic fantasies of their own private everlasting harems, and the Christian ideal of giving one’s life for the benefit of others.

Should every Christian desire to be a spiritual hero? Yes, and every Christian can be, the book makes clear. While God will not ask all to give their lives for their faith, He does expect all to be obedient to His will—whatever that may be.

Heroic Faith is an exciting, dangerous book to read—dangerous to our comfort levels as Christians, and it is spiced by questions for the reader to ask him or herself. But don’t let that deter you from digesting it!

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