Cutting Corners of the Cross

by Victor Knowles

Dyson Hague said: "No minister of Christ has any right to smooth off the corners of the cross." There are eight corners of the cross that we dare not "smooth off." Every minister of Christ faces the temptation to do so, every time he steps into the pulpit. The first corner is sin. To dismiss sin is to dismiss what the cross is all about. Christ died for our sins! The second corner is repentance. This was the first word in Jesus' preaching. Without repentance, all men will perish. The third corner is confession. We must always confess our sins to God and sometimes to one another. The fourth corner is self-denial. We are to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily. Self-indulgence flies in the face of this teaching. Discipline is the fifth corner of the cross. How can we be true disciples without discipline? The sixth corner is holiness. Purity in thought and deed is an absolute requisite to seeing God. The seventh corner is stewardship. Jesus preached more about a man and his money than any other topic. The eighth corner is humility. Pride caused Satan's fall from heaven, and may keep more people out of heaven than any other thing. The cross was designed to cause Jesus pain. We might afford to have padded pews in the church, but we cannot afford to have a padded cross.
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