A Message from Chuck Colson

In May, same-sex "marriage" became legal in Massachusetts as an out-of-control court ignored the will of the people. Since then, we've seen challenges to traditional marriage in San Francisco and Washington state.
This movement threatens to permanently damage our society's most basic institution. That being so, you would expect a huge public outcry. Unfortunately and surprisingly, that isn't happening.
It amazes me since it's clear that the impact of same-sex "marriage" won't be limited to same-sex couples. Stanley Kurtz of the Hoover Institution has written that widespread acceptance of same-sex "marriage" will widen the already existing gap between parenthood and marriage and continue to break down the family. Countries, like Norway, that adopted same-sex "marriage" saw their rates of cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births shoot up. There's no reason to suppose that won't happen here.
I believe most Americans don't believe that same-sex "marriage" could actually become the law of the land, and don't fully realize how it would impact them and their children.
Given what's at stake, I believe that Christians need to make stopping the spread of same-sex "marriage" their number-one cultural priority. Pastors, priests, and clergy of all denominations should be leading the charge.
I'm writing today to let you know about a critical tool to help turn the tide of our country on this issue: the National Preaching Initiative.
Sponsored the Wilberforce Forum, the National Preaching Initiative provides the tools and resources church leaders need to address these critical issues. You'll find sample sermons and background material to give you the information you need to prepare.
We're hoping to arm a national movement of church leaders from all denominations to address these issues this fall. Your preaching is vital in order to reinvigorate marriage in the Church and in the culture. Not only can you educate your congregations about the spiritual foundations of marriage, you can call them to repentance and faith-to renewal and change.
The time to act is now. This issue has the potential to redefine and, ultimately, to destroy the institution of marriage in this country-and with marriage goes the family. You can't ignore this.
Church leaders, you will find this information on the National Preaching Initiative website [http://www.pfm.org/fma_splash.html] helpful in talking to your congregations about Biblical marriage. Lay leaders and church members, please forward this information on to your church leaders.
May God richly bless you,
Chuck Colson
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