Lightening the Darkness of Roe v. Wade

by By Patricia Lindley

As we near the end of the twentieth century, we must recognize that the voices crying in the wilderness back in the 70s were indeed prophetic. Roe vs. Wade had reached the U. S. Supreme Court. The warning was that abortion-on-demand would open the floodgates to the devaluation of human life. The reality is that it has. The recent school shootings are but one example of the impact on society. The pundits and politicians have called for a shift from the "culture of violence" to a "culture of value." If the value of which they speak is indeed an appeal to an inherent and universal value placed on human life, then surely the standard cannot be a relative one. How can life be of value if its worth is determined by a whim? From the standpoint of the victim, how does what occurs some 4,000 times a day in abortion clinics differ from what occurred at Columbine High and other schools? In both cases, a killer snuffs out the life of one who is human and defenseless. At this point in the abortion debate, no one seriously argues that what is being snuffed out is, in fact, human life. It is a matter of one person's rights superseding another's. "Might makes right" has become the ethic. The value of human life is determined by the one wielding the weapon. What other morality should we expect from a generation raised in a society which has legitimized the wholesale slaughter of the unborn? The moral relativism which makes some lives dispensable has made all of life cheap. And so we come to another anniversary of that infamous day, January 22, 1973, when the highest courts of our nation forever altered its moral fabric. Churches across the country observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. As we recognize the moral and spiritual legacy of twenty-seven years of abortion, our task is clear. It is our responsibility to proclaim the truth found in God's Word. He alone is the Creator and Sustainer of life. He hates the shedding of innocent blood. And He stands to forgive those who have made that grievous choice and live with the anguish of its aftermath. Failure to address the issue only increases the pain of those who need to hear the message of Christ's love. For those in the congregation who ignore the plight of the least of these, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is the day to be reminded. Proclaiming the truth is essential. But we are to be doers of the word as well. God's people need to be offering compassionate help in the name of Christ to those in unplanned pregnancies. There are local centers across the country doing just that; the good news is that these beacons of light now vastly outnumber abortion clinics! The world of the crisis pregnancy center translates the pro-life stand into love in action. We dare not lose heart. As the darkness grows, the light of the gospel shines more brightly. We have the assurance that the moral absolutes of Scripture are the hope of the twenty-first century because we know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! To Him be the glory!
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