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Pulpit Helps.com began as an extension of Pulpit Helps magazine

Todayís pastors are accurately described as "busy people." An active pastorate is a time consuming and demanding occupation. The pace and stress of ministry can cause many problems. Pulpit Helps magazine covers reflecting various design revisions 1975-2009 Since 1975, Pulpit Helps has worked to help the busy pastor, better equipping him to make a difference in the lives of those he serves.

Pulpit Helps magazine was "under construction" in the fertile mind of Dr. Spiros Zodhiates (longtime president of our parent organization, AMG International) long before the first issue was printed in 1975. Profoundly grateful for the resources available to him, Dr. Zodhiates sought to share these blessings with other preachers and pastors because of a burden for their ministry needs. A lot of thought and prayer went into the development of the magazineís content. As a result, many of the same core features remained in place over 34 years of domestic print publication.

Over the years, as circulation increased (eventually reaching over 210,000 copies monthly), the vision of the publication expanded to equipping, encouraging, and challenging all who study and teach Godís Word.

As print costs became more prohibitive and revenues decreased, the decision was made to cease U.S. print operations of Pulpit Helps in December, 2009 and continue publication exclusively online. The name of the online edition was changed to Disciple magazine to more accurately reflect its expanded outreach beyond vocational pastors to anyone who is committed to studying and teaching Godís Word.

Pulpit Helps is still published in print form by several affiliated ministries abroad, using material from Disciple magazine. The articles from Disciple are translated from English into the languages of each country and then adapted to fit the culture of the people they are reaching.

Pulpit Helps.com contains archived articles on preaching, biblical exegesis, counseling, Christian living, missions, and more from back issues of Pulpit Helps magazine. Decades of sermon outlines, Biblical illustrations, and bulletin inserts are also housed in a topical database.

We invite you to browse our past issues and enjoy the broad variety of content that continues to provide encouragement, insight, and tools designed for preaching, teaching, and living Godís truth.

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