On Mission With God (Living God's Purpose for His Glory)

by Avery T. Willis, Jr. and Henry Blackaby

"God isn't just sending selected Christians on missions. He wants every Christian to be on mission with Him." That is the thesis of this book. Using the lives of biblical characters, the authors show how God sent the willing, and sometimes the not-so-willing, on a mission to bring glory to Himself.

Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, Paul, and John were each commissioned for a divine mission. Each of these "missionaries" experienced common challenges. They generally did not fully understand the full implication of their mission, but they obeyed anyway. God prepared them for their mission-though sometimes they were not aware they were being prepared. Hardships deepened their faith in their commitment to the divine task. Their faith increased as they continued their reliance on God. The darkest hour often illuminated God's power.

What does that mean to me? The experiences of these men were so long ago and so far away that they couldn't possibly have application to me...could they? The authors' answer is emphatic: The same God who prepared, called, and empowered these ancient missionaries wants to do the same with us today. As the missions of these biblical saints were different, so God's mission for you and me will probably be likewise quite different.

I (and you) must be available when God calls. Perhaps He is calling today. Am I listening?

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