How People Grow (What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth)

by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Two Christian psychologists, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, point the way to emotional and spiritual growth. Spiritual growth and real-life issues are not mutually exclusive. We grow in the context in which God has placed us.

A primary requirement for growth is an understanding of who God is and what we are doing here on earth. The divine order follows: creation of the earth as a domain for His creation and creation of humans to live on the earth in communion and obedience to His Lordship. The Fall changed all that. When sin entered the world, humanity exchanged the wisdom of God for so-called human wisdom. We humans thought that we knew better than God what was best for us.

The Lord Jesus Christ restored that spiritual connection which was broken by the Fall. But the original order of creation was not restored. We humans still think that God needs our wisdom to best provide for our success.

That, of course, will result in failure. The authors contend that believers must understand the divine order: God is Lord; we are to live in obedience to His divine will.

How can such a life be accomplished? The Lord God has not left us to our own devices. He has provided the indwelling Holy Spirit, a divine guidebook (the Bible) and a supporting community (the church). He has also implanted a divine nature within His own. We now long to grow, to please Him, and to reach out to others.

The unique perspective of this book encourages Christians to examine their own spiritual growth. At the end of each chapter suggested introspective questions are posed. We are asked to allow the Holy Spirit to apply these teachings to our unique situations.

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