Quiet Revolution Afoot

Inner-city churches are leading a quiet revolution by opening their own schools to help children under-performing in the public education system, according to USA Today. "God is raising up urban (Christian) schools to serve as centers of hope for those families and their children plagued by the decadence and deprivation that are characteristic of central-city urban districts throughout this nation," Vernard Gant, international director of urban services for the Association of Christian Schools, told the newspaper.

Almost one in 10 of the group's 5,000 schools worldwide are in urban areas. In addition to the academic "three Rs," the schools' curricula also emphasize what Gant calls "three spiritual and three social Rs" - repentance, rebirth and reconciliation; and respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. Kenneth Sullivan, a former teacher and pastor of Charity Christian Center in Indianapolis, told the newspaper: "There's a revolution afoot. It's quiet now, but it's going to get noisy." Sullivan's school has revitalized two city blocks, and he is spearheading an effort to encourage black churches in the city to start their own schools.

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