Shepherding the Small Church, a Leadership Guide for the Majority of Today's Churches

by Glenn Daman

The mega-church is the standard which a lot of young pastors use to measure success. If your goal is not to grow a mega-church you are considered as not having a vision, and if you fail to grow such a church you're considered a failure. Glenn Daman, who pastors two small churches, reminds us "the vitality of a congregation is not found in its size, its programs, or its budget. The vitality of a congregation is found in its fulfillment of God's purpose for the church."

Many pastors feel like failures and become discouraged and disillusioned when their churches don't quickly grow into mega-churches. They attended meetings on church growth, but don't experience the results they hoped for. When they try to implement in their church what they have been told at the conference, they are met with resistance.

Shepherding the Small Church is an excellent book that casts a fresh light on the Christ-centered focus a pastor and church should share. The book is informative, inspiring, and practical. It is filled with insights, illustrations and practical applications. The appendices contain valuable worksheets, plus purpose, mission, vision, and values statements, a model congregational questionnaire, and model vision development plan.

Though much of the information is available in other places, Daman has done a good job of organizing the material in a very user-friendly manner.

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