The Thompson's Chain Reference Bible Has Gone Electronic

by Terry Wilhite

All of us like to kick back in our easy chair with a good book or pull a classic from the shelf in our study to search for nuggets of "gold." But when the week has been filled with unexpected time demands-deaths, unexpected counseling sessions, committee meetings every night, and an abundance of sickness and hospital visitations-the pressure mounts to prepare for the Sunday sermons. It's in these moments that the average Christian communicator is separated from the superior. And what determines the difference? Organization: the ability to leverage resources to get to the desired end result without wasting time. And how do the best maximize their efficiency and effectiveness? With digital resources like The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Preacher's Library.

This resource from iExalt Publishing puts a massive amount of power into your laptop or desktop computer by providing you with more than 150 valuable reference tools: 15 bibles, 20 commentaries, five dictionaries, five Greek and Hebrew references, 4 handbooks, 6 topical and cross reference resources, 59 topnotch books, 32 classic Christian works, a Bible photo library, a Bible reading plan, and more than 200 maps from the Life Application Bible.

Simply type the key words you're looking for into WORDSearch software, press enter, and the software searches the entire library of resources for the perfect Scripture references, quotes, illustrations (the Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations is included), and pictures from the Bible Photo Library. After the list of appropriate resources is on the screen, click on the one you want to explore and the text comes up on the screen. Then highlight the words you choose, copy them to the computer's clipboard, and paste them into your word processor document.

Although the Thompson Chain-Reference Bible contains more than 9,000 topical outlines, 100,000-plus marginal notes, and parallel chapter and verse analyses with more than 15 Bible translations, the software is amazingly easy to use. When it is on your computer screen, a miniature library appears on the screen. Book and resources are organized on the digital shelf like you'd organize them in your library, and just in case everything isn't where you'd like it to be on the screen, you can rearrange things and save the new arrangement. Further, when you're researching a verse, you'll see the books that have related commentary "light" on the digital bookshelf, pointing you immediately in the right direction for material.

Perhaps the greatest power this resource gives you is the ability to display on the screen your choice of Bible translations for parallel comparisons, and as you add translations to your research, the on-screen "windows" in which the Bible text appears neatly arrange themselves on the computer screen.

iExalt makes topical study much easier by allowing the researcher to type one's subject and find the books in this library that relate to most every topic in the Bible. You can see for yourself at the books that are available, but any Christian communicator would like this particular set of books in his study, fifty-nine in all.

If Greek and Hebrew aren't your native tongues, you'll be glad to know that this resource speaks Greek and Hebrew fluently. All you have to do is click on the Greek or Hebrew word to hear it pronounced correctly. You can then find the word's meaning, transliterations, and English language equivalents.

Showing the geographical connection to Bible passages in study groups has always been challenging. With the Bible photos and maps that are available with this resource, you've got what you need to print these maps to include in them in class handouts or project them using big screen projection software.

As with most digital resource libraries, other books are available on the CD by calling to purchase unlock codes that when activated, add these resources to the digital bookshelf. The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible Preacher's Library does an exceptional job providing users the best of resources, organized in a familiar, traditional bookshelf manner with a remarkable chained, referenced search engine that reduces traditional search time significantly. Further, the search engine leaves no stone unturned, quickly locating references that would have been otherwise missed.

The current price for this software from iExalt is $299. You can find out more by logging onto or by calling 1-800-888-9898.

Terry Wilhite is a technology, multimedia, and communications specialist.

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