Newspaper Evangelism Works in India

by Arunkumar K. Mohanty, State of Andhra Pr

We are very grateful to our God for blessing the Pulpit Helps ministry during the last month. Despite hardships for preaching the gospel we are working undeterred to spread the good Word of salvation. As part of our endeavours we are inserting small advertisements in secular magazines and newspapers, to attract the attention of people. This is yielding great response, as many Christians and nonChristians alike are drawn to these and write to us asking for more literature. Hence, newspaper evangelism is working as a silent preacher of the gospel.

In this edition we can see how God is working in the lives of many people in Andhra Pradesh. The response letters written by the readers show how this magazine is encouraging them. We praise God for using Pulpit Helps to help strengthen the faith of Christians and non-Christians and encouraging them to meet the challenges in preaching the word of God.

Please continue to pray God to bless our ministry in spreading the Word of God to people in India.

Editor's note: Brother Mohanty oversees all of AMG's efforts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in India. Among these programs is publication of an Indian edition of Pulpit Helps, as a resource for church leaders in India. A similar national edition, Berita Mimbar, is published by AMG in Indonesia.

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