Let's Follow the Holy Spirit, not Preaching Style

by Pastor Pete Ruble, Lighthouse Baptist Ch

In response to Bob Dasal's editorial on expository preaching, where is the biblical mandate for this? I have found in my pastorate that it takes a lot more preparation and study on the part of the preacher to receive and prepare biblically sound topical messages than it does to prepare expository messages. Indeed, the sermons of Jesus and the sermons in Acts that are printed for our benefit are full of Scripture but are certainly topical. Even the seven letters to the seven churches in the Revelation must certainly be viewed as "topical" messages. I have volumes of Spurgeon's messages, all topical. Also Finney, Billy Sunday, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, etc., all topical.

My point is, God is certainly using many men who preach expository, but He also uses some men who spend hours on their faces before Him and in His Word to find out what message He has for His people for that given time. However God leads a man to preach, it is to be under the guidance and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

One great man of God in the past said, "sermons are received by spending time in the study, messages are received by spending time on the knees," but both will be solidly biblical in content if from the Holy Spirit. Let's promote more dependence on the Holy Spirit instead of trying to make everyone else fit our mold.

Editor's note: You are right, Pastor Ruble. There is certainly effective topical preaching today. But effective topical preaching will always be based on a solid exegetical foundation. My editorial comments were based on an alarming trend by some preachers who only, in passing, refer to the Scripture rather than preach the Word. Effective study of the Word and prevailing, travailing prayers are the two sides to the same coin that result in powerful preaching.

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