Judge Rules BBC Censored Pro-Life Ad

A pro-life group scored a surprising victory in a top British appeals court when a judge ruled that the BBC and other broadcasters unlawfully refused to show an anti-abortion video during last June's general election campaign. The organization's case against the BBC had been rejected in five lower courts, but the three-judge appeals panel made it clear that the refusal to broadcast the videotape was "censorship."

Pro-Life Alliance leader Bruno Quintavalle told CNSNews.com that the decision is "the beginning of the end of legal abortion in the United Kingdom. When the history of the repeal of abortion comes to be told, people will look back at the courageous judgment of the Court of Appeal as a decisive turning point," Quintavalle said.

The Pro-Life Alliance fielded 55 candidates in the last general election and the five-minute video at issue was the party's official election broadcast. But the BBC and several commercial television stations refused to show the tape, calling it "grossly offensive."

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