Evangelism Ads Present the Gospel to Millions in Russia

by Hosken News

Evangelism Ads Present the Gospel to Millions in Russia

Good News," a Christian information mission, has been working in Russia since 1989. Their main work is evangelism through the mass media. They publish articles telling people that Christ is God, that He died for the sins of the whole world, and rose again. Then they ask the readers to send in their questions, and receive free Christian literature. This allows Good News to correspond with people who become interested, and help them in their spiritual search. Good News also cooperates with Moscow churches in humanitarian and evangelism projects.

Their articles are published in many secular newspapers: on a regular basis: in Teachers' Newspaper, Search (a popular scientific publication), and Conversation Partner (a popular daily for everyone and about everything). In this latter paper Good News publishes a "Questions and Answers" column, in which they answer readers' questions.

Three times a year Good News publishes evangelistic articles on a wide scale, in regional and nationwide newspapers. This includes the well-known Arguments and Facts, Labor, and Izvestia. In this way, the number of readers during one of these wide-scale outreaches is approximately twelve million people.

From Hosken News, a report on church life in the former Soviet Union, by Robert Hosken, via Waldemar Murjahn, AMG partner in Germany

Editor's note: AMG is a contributor to newspaper evangelism in Russia, through the Good News organization.

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