The Strange People Without Shoes

by Bill Bright

The Strange People Without Shoes

The story is told of a man who traveled to a certain city on one cold morning. As he arrived at his hotel, he noticed that everyone there was barefooted, including all the clerks and guests. In the coffee shop, he noticed a well-dressed fellow at a nearby table and asked, "Why aren't you wearing shoes? Don't you know about shoes?"

"Of course, I know about shoes," the patron replied. "Then why don't you wear them?" the visitor asked.

"Ah, that is the question," the patron returned. "Why don't I wear shoes?"

After breakfast, the visitor walked out of the hotel and into the snow. Again, every person he saw was barefooted. Curious, he asked a passerby, "Why doesn't anyone here wear shoes? Don't you know that they protect the feet from the cold?"

The passerby said, "Believe me, we all know about shoes. See that building? It's a shoe factory. We are so proud of the plant that we gather there every week to hear the man in charge tell us how wonderful shoes are."

"Then why don't you wear shoes?" the visitor persisted. "Ah, that is the question," the passerby replied. "Why don't we wear shoes?"

When it comes to prayer, many Christians are like the strange people in that city. They know about prayer. They believe in prayer. They know how wonderful it is and what a blessing it can be. They frequently gather at the church to hear sermons about how wonderful prayer is. But if you ask them why they don't pray more, they would say, "Ah, that is the question. Why don't I pray more?"

Prayer is an indescribable privilege. As you know, it is very difficult to speak with the mayor of your city, the governor of your state, congressmen, or president. What is amazing is that you can speak with the all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving Creator, God and Savior anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day-no appointment needed!

In my study of God's Word and in my travels throughout the world, I have become absolutely convinced that wherever people really pray according to biblical principles, God works in their lives and through them in the lives of others in a special way.

Let us be praying Christians and not like those people without shoes!

Dr. Bill Bright is founder and chairman of Campus Crusade for Christ International, ©2002 Bill Bright, via

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