South African Pastor Expresses Appreciation


Pastor David I. E. Waterson

I receive your magazine regularly and wish to thank you for the very enlightening, challenging, and helpful articles. Many of them make one realize that human nature is the same throughout the world and that Christ is the answer to the human need.

The magazine helps the pastor in his private, pulpit, and public life-especially in the very interesting articles on current topics from a Christian, biblical point of view, articles of an inspirational nature, book reviews, sermon outlines, illustrations, inserts, etc. The information provided on the use of the various media available for the presentation of the gospel is appreciated. The biblical message never changes from age to age, but the wrappings used will change to make the eternal truths relevant to a particular time and place in history. The aim of your excellent magazine can be summed up in the title of C. H. Spurgeon's lectures to his students, viz., "An All Round Ministry."

May God continue to bless you and your magazine. Keep up the good work!

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