Praise and Prayer

Pray: Sudanese security police have mounted a widening manhunt to track down Aladin Mohammed, a local convert to Christianity who went into hiding in Khartoum recently to escape arrest and possible death. "He is being hunted everywhere," said a Khartoum church leader "I am not sure how he is going to survive." Known as an "apostate" who left Islam 11 years ago to become a Christian, Mohammed, 34, faces the death penalty under Sudanese criminal law. However, no formal legal charges have been filed against him. Since late January Mohammed has been subjected to ongoing interrogations, beatings, drug injections and death threats by Khartoum authorities. When he tried to leave the country by plane on Jan. 30 and again on Feb. 3, police intervened, pulling him out of the check-in line at the Khartoum airport. He then went into hiding in an effort to avoid arrest and further torture. U.S. Congressman Joseph Pitts is urging the Sudanese government to "allow Aladin Mohammed to freely leave the country."

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