Beneath the Surface (Steering Clear of the Dangers That Could Leave YOu Shipwrecked)

by Bob Reccord

Fifty years ago, sexual immorality was rarely mentioned in church circles. Today, it has become all too commonplace. Bob Reccord offers helpful suggestions that will help Christians avoid the pitfalls of sexual sin. He warns Christians to avoid pornography and other sexual entanglements. Sexual sin rarely begins full-blown. It begins in small ways and grows more and more. We are prone to overestimate our spiritual strength and underestimate the power of sexual temptation. Consider David's sin with Bathsheba.

Four suggestions will help believers avoid the pitfalls of sexual immorality. Rule1: Be careful what you view. Magazines, television, movies and the Internet offer ready access to pornography and sexually suggestive material. Rule 2: Be careful what you think. Meditating on the Word leaves little room for evil thoughts. Rule 3: Be careful what you feel. Emotions can overrule common sense. Rule 4: Be careful where you go. Consider the biblical example of Joseph who refused to allow himself in situations that would leave him open to temptation. And consider the example of David who found himself in a compromising situation and refused to leave it.

Church leaders must confront sexual immorality within the Body. Those who sin must take responsibility for their actions. They must truly repent, must confess that they have sinned, must express genuine sorrow and must desire forgiveness.

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