Church High in the Andes Experiencing Phenomenal Growth

by Larry Malone

Church High in the Andes

Peruvian pastor Andrs Caller Flores, rejoices over the growth brought to his church by a new AMG child care center. He reports: "We have been successful in beginning a new Bible study class of 30 mothers. We also have successfully launched a new class for 20 adolescents where they are faithfully being taught the Word of God.

"Thirty people have recently been saved, and 25 new Christians are being prepared for baptism. Sunday school has doubled and so has the church. Approximately 100 people are now faithfully attending Sunday services.

"Last Christmas we had a special program for the children and community. About 200 people crowded into our small church building and many of them understood the gospel for the first time and received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

"The AMG child care center has been the main reason for our growth and we are excited about the impetus it has given us to reach more people for Christ. Not only are our members more enthusiastic about what is happening, but parents of the children have been delighted in the change the center has brought about in their children and in their homes.

"We recently had a special seminar for parents, where topics ranged from Children and Parents, Physical Abuse in the Home' to Spiritual Education of Children,'" Pastor Flores reported. "Two hundred and twenty people attended! With all the parents attending these meetings, and so many of them interested in the gospel, ministering to these parents was just like having another church. Praise the Lord!"

"Even the young people are becoming more involved in the work. Not long ago our young people developed a project of repairing and fixing up the homes where children in our child care center live.

"Because of this AMG child care project God has brought many blessings to our church. Our vision has become enlarged and the burden to witness and evangelize has become contagious. We are so thankful to the Lord God for the blessings which have come to us, and we want you to know that we will be faithfully praying for you."

Larry Malone is director of missions for AMG International.

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