God Will Still Honor His Word


J. Rodney Quesenberry, pastor

In response to the article [in the March issue] about Sunday services and their going by the wayside. There is no one to blame but pastors who will not preach truth. I'm afraid many are taking the easy way out and caving in to pressure to conform to the world's ideas of how church should be conducted. We've found that the old time way of pure Bible preaching, singing, praying, and testifying still will work and bring souls in, even young people. God still will honor His Word where it is not bound by man's ideas or theological posturing. It is not a very popular position but when God is honored and not man, He will bless.

May the Lord send more Word-honoring men into the fields who are not afraid of deacons, church members, big tithers, or sinners out in the community. God will fill the churches where there are people who love Him and His Word, and seek to live and proclaim holy lives. Spurgeon said when speaking to his seminary students, a man who preaches only twice a week is dangerous. Why? Because they are not accomplishing their calling. He said it should not be uncommon for a man (if he has really been called) to preach from 6-14 times a week. If our churches are going to fill back up regardless of when and how many times we meet, it will have to start with the fire for doing so in the pulpit.

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