"Peace Accord" Signed in Indonesia

While announcing a peace accord signed by Christian and Muslim representatives designed to stop the fighting in the Moluccas, International Christian Concern at the same time expressed grave reservations about the effect of the agreement: "While the Malino Agreement is a welcomed and positive step forward, it is the opinion of International Christian Concern that the agreement has little chance of offering a permanent peace unless the agreement includes: 1) international observers who will keep a watchful eye on possible abuses by the military and security forces, 2) the disbanding of provocative groups like the Laskar Jihad, and 3) the commitment of the national government to provide long-term security for citizens wishing to return to rebuild their villages and homes."

Released at the same time was a translated response from the Laskar Jihad, which claimed the organization was fighting to protect Muslim citizens against attacks from "provocateurs that hide behind the ‘Word of God.'" The response dismissed the agreement, stating that "Those delegates that convened are not sufficiently representative to talk in the name of the people."

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