"Convert or Die"

Nearly half a million Christians from Indonesia's Malukus region are living in appalling conditions as refugees. While the government is pressuring them to return to their villages, Laskar Jihad has declared that Christians cannot come back to "cleansed" areas unless they convert to Islam. An estimated 8,000 have already been forced to "convert" and undergo circumcision as a sign of their conversion. A further 10,000 have been killed, and hundred of churches and thousands of homes destroyed by the 15,000-strong army of Laskar Jihad. [BARNABAS Dec.'01-Jan.'02] Meanwhile, an estimated 50,000 mainly Christian refugees are fleeing brutal violence in Central Sulawesi, and are in danger of losing their lives to Muslim terrorists unless the government intervenes. Christians worldwide have been asked to pray.

International Christian Concern via MissionNet Summary News

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