Seeing and Savoring Jesus

by John Piper

Hundreds-perhaps thousands-of books have been written on a deeper walk with God. Piper has given us fresh insight into a closer walk with Christ. This walk does not come without effort; we must work for it. The Lord Jesus offers us a perfect example for the intimate walk with God.

We must, above all, have a longing for God- not a passing fancy, but the consuming desire of our existence. If we long for God, then we will long for Christ who Himself was God in the flesh. He is our joy, for joy does not come from outward circumstances. True joy, godly joy, comes from knowing Christ, who is Master and Creator.

In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Christ possesses perfect wisdom, for He is God. As a believer we possess the capacity to share the nature of Christ and His boundless wisdom and knowledge.

But how can we have joy when outward circumstances buffet us? When others misjudge our motives and fail to understand our desire to know Him perfectly, He knows for He was misunderstood; He was slandered as a evildoer.

We know that the death and life of Christ has defeated Satan. We know that He will come again and judge evil and rescue us from the evil world and take us to Himself. That sustains us and fuels our desire to continue our quest to fully know Him.

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