"At the Cross, at the Cross Where I First Saw the Light..."

by Bob Dasal

"At the Cross, at the Cross Where I First Saw the Light

Why are there so many different groups around calling themselves "Christian" with night-and-day differences in their beliefs? With each group claiming to stand for the truth, how do you distinguish what is true from what is false? How can believers keep focused on genuine Christianity and stay balanced in their Christian life?

I believe most pastors and church leaders are aware of the danger of being "trapped" into believing that "bigger budgets, buildings and baptisms" are the measurements of effective Christianity. Though most are aware, many succumb and fall into the trap. And other pastors and leaders become consumed with a particular pet "doctrine" or "gift" and measure everything and everyone else by it.

Certainly Bible study, worship, doctrinal beliefs, and ministry are indispensable parts of living life as a Christian, but they should not be the central focus of our lives as Christians. History is replete with the stories of those who made one or more of these things their central focus and ended up going off the deep end.

Genuine Christianity is found in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and His finished work at the cross. An understanding and comprehension of what happened at the cross is indispensable if one is to live a meaningful and full Christian life!

As a fourteen-year-old boy I attended revival services at the New Bethany Church in Buford, Georgia. The sermon was entitled "From the Garden to the Cross." That evening I experienced what it means to be "at the cross." Jesus was no longer just a story; He was the One who loved me to the utmost and on the cross, paid in full my sin debt. The enormity of what it meant to be so undeserving of anything, but offered everything really worth having put me on my knees. That night "at the cross" I clearly understood that the most important thing in life was to know Jesus personally.

My Christian pilgrimage has seen the best of times and the worst of times. After forty-one years I bear witness that the ONLY thing that brings everything into focus and perspective is what I experienced "at the cross."

Jesus said: "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me"(Matt. 16:24).

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