Native Americans Turn out for Camp

Organizers from Indian Falls Creek (Okla.) worried that moving their camp event from June to late July/August would bring their numbers down. However, nearly 3,100 Native Americans attended the 54th assembly on July 30-Aug. 3 last summer, the second highest number in Indian Falls Creek history, according to the Baptist Messenger.

Victor Cope, camp director, said that 206 professions of faith were recorded, along with 110 decisions, including six youths choosing special service. "God spoke to our youths in a very powerful way, and they responded in droves to their God," Cope said.

"Falls Creek is a special site for Indians...and most Indian ministers and missionaries received their call at Falls Creek," Cope said. The first encampment was in 1947, and the attendance has ranged from 333 the first year, to a record 3,339 in 1997-probably the nation's largest gathering of Indian Christians, according to Cope.

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