Canadian Chaplains Told to Not Refer to Christianity

The editor of the Calgary Sun (Canada) remarked in a column recently, that in what is being described as an "unprecedented move, the Canadian military is directing its chaplains to avoid all specific references to Christianity during public services. The policy change, which came down from the chaplain general in Ottawa on July 24, has left Canadian Forces' chaplains unable to use such phrases like Father, Son and Holy Spirit,' the name of Christ, and even the Lord's Prayer.

"The reason given, of course, is to be sensitive to other minority religions. ... The maddening thing here is, it's not the minorities who are demanding this. ... It is - or at least is becoming - the Canadian way," Licia Corbella wrote.

"In countries where Christians are in the minority and where their very lives are at risk if they proclaim their faith - like in Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan - they are often bolder than we, the majority, are in our own country," Corbella added.

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