Good News From Bangladesh

by AMG Missions Department

From AMG Missions Department

A recent letter from Bangladesh reported, "Our Bible correspondence school is running well. We had a goal of graduating 200 students this year, but currently we have 265 students who will soon complete their courses. Of this number, 160 came from a Muslim background. We would like to ask for prayer that God would provide the money necessary to purchase Bibles for all graduating students and for holding a small graduation program.

"My wife resigned her nursing position at a hospital to work with me in the Bible correspondence courses. Her primary purpose is to reach college and university girls with the gospel. Please pray for us as we trust God to provide our financial needs in the days ahead as we adjust to the loss of her income.

"We would also like to ask you to pray for our political situation in Bangladesh. The parties that have just come to power include some Islamic fanatic groups. Pray that we will be able to continue our ministry unhindered in the days ahead and that these groups will not be able to bother us in any way. For the time being we have discontinued our college/university visitation programs because of the political struggles going on between these radical groups and other more liberal groups on campuses around Bangladesh.

"We praise God that the weekly fellowship we started is doing very well. We meet every Friday morning from 9:00 to 10:00, and we have an average attendance between forty and forty-five people. Pray for us as our numbers continue to increase, that God's blessing will be upon those of us who are leading this fellowship and for those in attendance as well. Our prayer and desire is that one day we will become an established church."

(In order to avoid danger to any of AMG's fellow workers overseas, names and towns have been omitted.)

What a blessing it is to know that through newspaper evangelism and Bible correspondence courses AMG can spread the gospel in a country like Bangladesh, where Christians make up only a very small percentage of the population. Pray that God will continue to supply the finances needed for this ministry and use it in a wonderful way for His glory.

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