Call It "Judgment," Please!

by David L. Marcum, pastor

I read your excellent and intriguing article entitled "Terrorism in the Holey land" by Joseph Harris. In it you list some of America's worst sins, but come short of calling these attacks a judgment of God. Why are we so afraid to call it what it really is?

But to understand it all, we must view this as a correction (judgment of reckoning) from God. This will do our people a greater service by keeping them in understanding about God's judgment. We can't go around the fact that God knew about the attacks and allowed them to happen that Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001. How do we then explain? We know He is in control. We must have only one realistic conclusion: the 9-11 attacks were a judgment of God. This is a time for us as a nation to "take our medicine" for our sickness, in hopes of becoming healthy again. Wake up America!

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