December a Great Issue

by Ann Faith Davis

I must comment on the December articles by Spurgeon on Jabez, which is most excellent…many could get the wrong message by that little book that God is the celestial Santa Claus and Spurgeon is setting things straight in that text. Thank you for giving us his series.

Larry Elrod's "Behold How They Love One Another" is right on! Then Jan Silvious and Wayne Barber, why shucks, they are always great. Then that James Gray, his "Attentive Listening" is a keeper, that can be used in any relationship (including mine with God). Joseph Miller's "What to Do About Wolves" was not only very well written but very informative. Spiros Zodhiates, whom I hear occasionally on the radio, his article on "Jesus' Blood Continues to Cleanse" is wonderful assurance to this old woman.….I had to write and tell you how I love your paper.

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